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Mini & Maxi Sportschool

In order to be able to participate in sports, outdoor life and other physical activities later in life, children need to learn basic motor skills and social behavior at an early age. It can be compared to the need for abc to learn to read and write.

At Mini & Maxi Sportschool everyone trains together. In a playful way, the children get to try out exercises adapted to each child's conditions and work out without any elimination. The program also includes coordination paths and exciting games.

"Mini & Maxi Sportschool provides a fun, versatile motororic training where the child along with his equally old friends get to move in different ways, such as crawling, rolling and finally cheering on having surpassed themselves!



  • Our goal is to offer positive experiences of sports and that the child wants to continue with the rest of his life.

  • We learn to HOP, RUN, CAST, CATCH, ROLL, BALANCE, CRAFT, CLIMB, GO, CRAWLING. Training involves stimulating challenges in which the child develops socially, emotionally and intellectually. The child's self-esteem and consideration for others will be strengthened.

  • We welcome all children regardless of conditions.

  • The group is maximized to 20 children. The number of leaders is then related.

  • 1 weekly activity each age group.

  • We have two age groups,
    Mini 4-6 years, Maxi 7-9 years.

  • We are at Rocas Rojas tenniscourt in San Agustin. 

  • Price per month: Children in Swedish schools after school activity 0€, Kids from outside the school pay a price of 30€ monthly included snack food.

  • Registration in contact form below


Auxi Villanueva Ruano   

Sportschool Manager   
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