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Our Coach Team

At SwedishTennisAcademy, we are proud of our fantastic team that is professional, service-oriented and friendly. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and they work closely with you to understand your needs.


Owner and founder

Swedish Tennis Academy 

GranCanaria / Benidorm

Owner and founder

Swedish Padel Academy.


Professional Tenniscoach 

Since 1988 he has been working as a professional tennis coach in Sweden and internationally with all categories of tennisplayers. Christian has undergone the highest education.

Christian takes a very personal approach to coaching: “I try to work carefully within each individual’s style of playing the game. It is about producing sound fundamentals and improve the player,  both mentally and physically.”

He oversees all aspects of the tennis program and ensures optimal training to develop highest possible level to each male and female tennisplayer bringing his own passionatestyle to everything he does. Amessage that cannot be ignored. 

He has always relied on his resilient and positive attitude and unique strengths to enable him to attain his current level. He is a strong advocate and role model for living a healthy lifestyle. Christian demands a lot out of himself, all those who work for him, and those who train with him.


Professional Tenniscoach 

Responsible Tennis Benidorm

Responsible Padel Benidorm

He have more than 20 years of experience growing players starting from base school to international level players. All this time enjoying every single challenge, either it is an international competition group or building a program for almost 1000 players.

The key has always been the same: lots of passion together with hard work and a great team behind it. Keep innovative to adjust to the needs of every single player is a must in order to progress on daily bases. Every day is a chance to improve and move closer to your goal!


Professional Tenniscoach

IMG_20201109_170349 (2).jpg

Responsible Physical programs.

Professional physical trainer / Sport trainer

-Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports
(European University of Madrid 2004).
- National Padel Coach (Spanish Federation of
Padel 2003).
- Master in Sports Management (Polytechnic University of
Madrid 2004).
- National Swimming Coach (Spanish Federation
Swimming 2005).
- Physical Trainer Spanish Padel Team.
- Physical Trainer Soccer Team Rayo Vallecano.
- Personal Trainer in Madrid, Sydney and Thailand.

A lifetime linked to sports, fitness and
high performance.

My passion has always been the challenges and I've had the good fortune to be able to overcome many, training different athletes and teams.
As Padel's physical trainer, I have seen how some of
my players were crowned world champions and
Nationals in the field of football I had the opportunity to take the  physicaltraining of Rayo Vallecano, a team of the second Spanish division that trained Julen Lopetegui, the one who years later was a Spanish National Team.
And thanks to personal training, I have been able to help many clients achieve their goals and ultimately
make them happier.
Sport is my passion and I feel a great lucky to
To be able to work on what I like.



Swedish Tennis Academy

Swedish Padel Academy

Professional Tenniscoach  

Tennis school manager  GC

Mini & Maxi SportSchool  manager GC


Professional Tenniscoach

Tenniscamp manager

ATP ex-competitor (Ranking Singles 190 – Doubles 100). He represented Spain at under 16, 18 and 21. Champion of Catalonia under 16 and 18. Winner of 20 national tournaments. Winner of ATP Tour Doubles title in Madrid and finalist in ATP Tour Doubles in Genova, Florence and Oporto. Quarter-Finalist in ATP Tour Singles in Madrid. Qualified to Main Draw of Singles and Doubles – Roland Garros 1991.

National Tennis Instructor (Highest Spanish qualification). Director of Top Team School, Bruguera Tennis Academy (5 years). Director of Competition School, Orantes Tennis Academy (5 years). Director of  Elite School of Excellence (collaboration with Mexican Tennis Federation). Tournament Director: Alex Corretja National Masters Under 14 (2003). Main coach for different players: Sergi Bruguera (Top 10 ATP), Winner French Open 1994 and 1996; Marcos Gorriz (80 ATP Singles); Oscar Martínez (60 ATP Singles); María Antonia Sanchez Lorenzo (40 WTA Singles). He speaks english, spanish and italian

IMG_20191006_155247 (2).jpg

Professional Tenniscoach


Tenniscamp manager 

He has extensive experience as a coach at any level. Spent most of his career has been practicing trainer / operations manager at the National Sport School for tennis in Lidköping (Swedish Tennis Association Tennis Gymnasium).

Worked with many of our best players like Robin Soderling of Sweden and current world junior Elias Ymer.
Large experience in international tennis. Travel as coach at a variety of international competitions including the European Championships for juniors and much more.
Also been accountable for region Tennis West.
Now working as a trainer for the Swedish Tennis Association ,  the National Sport School for tennis in Lidköping (Swedish Tennis Association Tennis Gymnasium) and individuell coaching of all levels of player. 


Responsible Physical programs.

Professional physical trainer / Sport trainer


Responsible for Club tournament and

"Old guys & Girls rule"

Mini & Maxi SportSchool coach

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